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Brian Mehl

Brian Mehl


My name is Brian Mehl and for the last 6 months I have been researching and testing different backup solutions.

I have put this site together to give a concise overview of existing backup strategies and a solution to small businesses looking to upgrade (or even implement) their backup system.

I have been a computer consultant for over 10 years now and have found almost without variation that small business owners know they need to have a good backup of their business data but still many do not have back-ups. One thing that I do know from years of computer consulting, no small business can afford the lost time or expense of recovering data - and unfortunately it is a fact of life that, frequently, computers just crash for no apparent reason.

One of the key problems has always been how to provide the best solution at an economical cost.

As businesses have become more and more reliant on technology the importance of making sure the backup is complete, valid and frequently updated has increased.

Please review the below videos that discuss backup solutions and let me know if I can help you solve any backup issues you maybe having.

Need for Backup Solutions for Small Businesses

Consider how much data you actually have: patient or customer databases, bookkeeping or accounts records, emails, estimates, letters, forms, files. Consider how much time it took to create that data. What would it take to reproduce the data and/or can it really be fully re-produced? Often times, it is hard to reproduce the data and the time it took to actually create the data is usually extensive.

Even a few employees re-doing the work will quickly cause an astronomical expense and the time used to do this can prevent a lot of new business.

As a small business owner it is vital for you to backup your data and have a recovery plan in place. This may sound simple but this needs more attention than you may expect, especially as businesses rely more and more on the technology in their business.

Traditional Backups

Usually backups are done by the business owner or manager by using a CD, DVD, or a USB drive with various software. The backups happen when it's remembered or often scheduled. When scheduled, you may not be certain it worked or actually happened unless you check up on it.

Problems with physical backups typically occur because the backup is physically close to the existing machine, which means if there's any kind of disaster, you lose the main data and also the backup data. There's also generally not enough raw IT skills to solve any problems as they arise. Often times, it's hard to tell if backup is done and valid.

Online Managed Backup Solutions

The Online Managed Backup Solution is done online, managed, and has a backup solution. Someone is watching over and has technical skills to actually handle situations when they occur. Also, your data is saved to a remote location which will remain unaffected by problems at your office location.

The advantages of this is knowing that a skilled i.t. person is providing the management to make sure your business data is safe, secure and can be restored.


"Knowing that my backup is done and managed frees up my time to spend on more important business concerns that others can't deal with." - T.M.

"I rest a little easier at night now knowing that my data is being backed up." - B.J.

I believe an Online Managed Backup solution will work for the majority of the small businesses however call/email me and we can discuss your exact situation and see if this is a good fit.

Yours Truly,

Brian Mehl
President, The Brain Mill

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